What We Do

We enable talented students to become freelance Student Experts, by connecting them to businesses that need their services. Focusing on areas such as web/app building, translation skills and graphic design.

Essentially, our goal is to provide a way for talented students to earn from their skills, as well as to provide a fresh, innovative source of skills for businesses to draw upon as they seek to grow and develop. It’s a Win-win.

Our platform is built to make the whole freelance process as easy and secure as possible for both parties. Stripe ® handle all credit/debit payments and we provide comprehensive, job specific, contracts for every freelance job. These contracts include both intellectual property and non-disclosure agreements to further legally protect both parties.

Payment & Pricing

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    How Are Prices Determined?

    Our staggered payment system gives you the ability to break up the total fee into smaller segments to be paid on dates you choose, giving you the flexibility to structure the payments around the specific stages of your job. We utilise Stripe’s® payment platform, to give you peace of mind whether paying by Credit or Debit card. Their pre-authorised payment system means you only need to enter your details once and each segment of the fee to be paid to us automatically on your preselected dates.

    Choose Dates and Amounts

    Choose the Payment dates & amounts that fits with your specific job.

    Make Payments

    Pay with Stripe to set up the Pre-Authorised payments.

    Review Work

    Once each payment is taken out of your account we hold it for five business days, before transferring it onto the student.

    Why Use Us?

    Simple and intuitive platform:

    We have ensured that every step of the process is as easy as it can be.

    Two-Way Reviews

    Find out about who you will be working with from people who already have, before you commit to any connections.

    Non-Disclosure Agreements and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    Legal agreements are built into our terms and conditions, helping to ensure both parties are protected while using the platform.

    Secure & Monitored System

    The website data itself is encrypted, ensuring your personal data is safe. You can also work with confidence knowing all conversations are monitored to protect both students and businesses.

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    How Do You Get Paid?

    Whenever we receive a payment it will be transferred onto the StudentExpert (minus the agreed fee) within five working days, irrespective of the payment structure agreed with the business.

    The Fee Structure is simple:

    £0-500 - 14.5%
    £500-750 - 13.5%
    £750-1000 - 12.5%
    £1000-2000 - 11.5%
    £2000-5000 - 10.5%
    £5000-10000 - 9.5%
    £10000+ (Job Specific %)

    Why become a StudentExpert?

    Gain Experience:

    Beef up your CV by gaining real business experience

    Earn around your Degree

    Earn with flexibility around your degree doing something you enjoy.

    Rewarding Work

    Rewarding work helping businesses achieve their potential.

    Secure & Monitored System

    All within a Secure and Monitored System providing: Two-way reviews, Legal protection from Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure Agreements