What does Sign Up Entail?

Signing up takes less than 2 minutes and simply requires your email, a few simple details, creating a password and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. 

What happens after Sign Up? 


After you sign up, you will be guided through the process of filling in your profile page, which gives a general overview of your education and some basic details about yourself.

From there, you will move on to the Skills section, which gives you the opportunity to give details about your areas of expertise and support them with evidence. 


After you sign up you will be guided to your homepage and then through the ‘Create a Job’ page. Within this section, you can put in details about the job you need doing and submit jobs to allow us to match you with your ideal studentexpert. After you’ve submitted the job this page can be used to manage ongoing jobs, review completed and create new jobs.

How do I Pay / Get Paid? 


When you have completed the job, the business will review your work and ensure it meets their criteria (we strongly recommend discussing your ideas and allowing the business to guide you & review your progress as regularly as possible, to ensure the end product is as expected/desired). When the business has reviewed the work they will transfer the balance of the cost to us. When we have received this payment we will simply put your agreed fee into your account within the next 5 working days. 


When you have been matched with your studentexpert and finalized the job specifics you will be guided to a confirmation page. This page shows you the terms of the job and the total cost of the project. To confirm the job and start work a 40% deposit is paid to us, we hold this until the job is complete and you have reviewed the work. When you’re happy with the work, you pay us the outstanding 60% of the total fee and take ownership of the website/logo/brochure/etc.     

What happens if things go wrong?

 What if I run out of time?

  • We advocate working with the business at every step of the job to ensure you stay on track both in terms of time and end product. If you realize you will run out of time you have the ability to discuss an extension and enter into a new contract. However running out of time and being unable to negotiate an extension is a violation of the contract and will void the agreement.

What if I think I've done a good job but the business does not?

  • When agreeing to the terms of the work there are a number of ‘key objectives’ both parties agree on. These are the measures by which the quality of the work is judged, in case of a dispute arising we as a company will decide the extent to which these have been satisfied and if the job has been done to a satisfactory level. However, by working with the businesses and keeping them updated on your progress regularly, any differences in output and desired output should be rectified well in advance of the deadline.